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Strategic Partners for Change

Barcelos Communication is a boutique consultancy dedicated to empowering nonprofits, small businesses, and start-ups that champion progressive social issues, animal welfare, and the promotion of health and well-being. We help organizations unlock their full potential through strategic marketing and communication.

Our Hands-on Approach

Barcelos Communication prides itself on working closely with you and your team. We take the time to understand your specific needs and challenges, crafting strategies uniquely tailored to your organization's goals and circumstances.

Driving Lasting Impact

Our mission is to amplify your impact by guiding you through the intricate landscape of modern communication and strategic growth. We provide tailored support from planning to execution, ensuring your efforts are effective and far-reaching.



"Barcelos engaged with SONSIEL shortly after I became president. We needed to assess our brand recognition and social media effectiveness. Barcelos provided a comprehensive report on building our brand and identifying the most effective social media platforms. Working with them was a joy; they were respectful and, best of all, timely with their feedback."

Hiyam Nadel, MBA, RN, CCG

President of SONSIEL

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